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Madagascar is a large island situated off the Eastern coast of Southern Africa. It has a land area of 226,658  square miles and an estimated population of 23million people. The island contains 21 National Parks plus 21 Wildlife Reserves.

Madagascar is known for containing some of the most beautiful and diverse wildlife on the planet. The island has been isolated from mainland Africa for 88 million years which has resulted in 90% of all species of wildlife found on Madagascar being endemic.

Some of the most iconic species of wildlife found on Madagascar are the Lemurs (the symbolic animal of Madagascar). There are over 100 species of Lemurs found on Madagascar with perhaps the most recognisable being the Ring-tailed Lemur and other species such as the Sifaka. The island also hosts a population of over 300 species of birds, including endemic species like the Vanga and the Madagascan Fish Eagle. There are also over 260 species of reptiles which can be found on Madagascar, from snakes to Chameleons and from Crocodiles to Turtles.

Running from the highlands of the Island down to the East coast are the main rivers; the Mananara and the Mangoro. The climate, temperature and weather on Madagascar vary based on the location and landscape of the area. For example; the climate is mostly tropical on the coast, where you can find tropical rainforest; temperate in the centre of the island, where some of the landscape is formed of rocks and mountains; and then dry and arid in the south and west of the island, where there are deserts.